Monday, November 20, 2006

Art Moment: Nicolaus Gerhaert's Christ Child with Grapes

While in Munich's Bavarian National Museum, I saw this absolutely delightful statue of a Christ Child with Grapes (c. 1462) by Nicolaus Gerhaert v. Leyden. Gerhaert's work, though there are only 5 sculptures definitely by his hand, is among the most vivid, delicate and powerful of the late Middle Ages.

Note the great delicacy and charm of the Christ Child's hair and facial features. Gerhaert masterfully is balancing between classical traditions of nudity (this Christ Child could just be a Greek cherub but he's so much more) with the realism of the Northern Renaissance. The grapes naturally symbolize the Eucharist wine (and the blood of Christ).

Photos taken by my own hand in early September, 2006


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