Saturday, July 01, 2006

Lewis Klahr, Janie Geiser, Jim Trainor Animation

Animation is particularly susceptible to being co-opted by multimedia conglomerates - as Edward Jay Epstein correctly argues in his Big Picture, Disney is the model upon which the current conglomerates model themselves afterwards. So, when you have the opportunity to go beyond the carefully-limited boundaries of our corporate overlords, it's both a treat and an enlightenment.

Other Cinema has collected a number of items from some of America's best experimental animators into a single DVD, Anxious Animation.

While the quality of the shorts within do vary, the DVD lets the interested experience the work of Lewis Klahr, Janie Geiser, Jim Trainor and others for themselves - work that was nearly unobtainable previously. I fervently suggest you check Anxious Animation out.


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