Thursday, September 21, 2006

Time Out from Blogging due to German Cultural Interference


I was vacationing in Germany for the past several weeks - usually, on my vacations I watch a great number of movies. Not this one. Germans dub (yes, dub) almost all foreign language movies into German (which sounds like a horse talking and which I don't understand). It's interesting to note how the corporate practices of film distribution have almost entirely ruined German film culture. Almost all movies shown in Germany are American blockbusters. Thus, German filmviewers have little opportunity to see their own lives and experiences reflected on screen. Instead, they have the fakest and lousiest of American movies lying to them from the screen.

It makes sense that Germans now do not really include movies as part of their cultural capital (as used by Bourdieu). This is probably one of the greatest potential losses to worldwide film culture, since German cinema easily could be one of the greatest.

Anyways, I didn't see a single movie while in Germany. Sucked.


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