Tuesday, May 10, 2005

AR Ammons' Corsons Inlet

I'm usually not a big fan of poetry. They couldn't even get me to read it in college (and trust me, if they couldn't get you to do it at Pomona College, you're fairly resistant). For some reason, I've started reading the poetry of AR Ammons. Here's a little piece from his "Corsons Inlet":

"the moon was full last night: today, low tide was low:
black shoals of mussels exposed to the risk
of air
and, earlier, of sun,
waved in and out with the waterline, waterline inexact,
caught always in the event of change:
a young mottled gull stood free on the shoals
and ate
to vomiting: another gull, squaking possession, cracked a crab,
picked out the entrails, swallowed the soft-shelled legs, a ruddy
turnstone running in to snatch leftover bits:"


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