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Sunday, March 25, 2007

"Then" by Richard Wilbur

(from Ceremony and Other Poems, Richard Wilbur, 1950)

Then when the ample season
Warmed us, waned and went,
We gave to the leaves no graves,
To the robin gone no name,
Nor thought at the birds' return
Of their sourceless dim descent,
And we read no loss in the leaf,
But a freshness ever the same.

The leaf first learned of years
One not forgotten fall;
Of lineage now, and loss
These latter singers tell,
Of a year when the birds now still
Were all one choiring call
Till the unreturning leaves
Imperishably fell.

Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Architecture Moment: Notre-Dame, Louviers

The church of Notre Dame in Louviers (30km outside of Rouen) is one of the finest examples of the profusion of decoration in the very last era of French Gothic architecture. Unlike the late Gothic of Southern and Eastern Germany, which saw numerous advances in structural engineering and decorative concepts, the late French Flamboyant architecture was an elaborate conservative pouring of decoration onto traditional forms. The church includes this fine altarpiece: