Thursday, July 28, 2005

Belated Thursday Great Actor Blogging

Few in the US have heard of Renata Litvinova. Unfortunate, because Renata is an incomparable beauty, but more importantly, an incredible actress, screenwriter and now director in her own right. Renata was originally a screenwriter and, after preparing the screenplay for Passions for Kira Muratova, was then also given a staring role for that movie as well.

It's hard to explain why I find Litvinova's work so interesting. Partially, it's because Litvinova's beautiful exterior and the immediate surface of her acting give the impression of the archetypal immature and shallow Russian blonde. But Litvinova, especially when working with Muratova, finds inner depths within her initially kitschy and silly characters.

No, I didn't pick the picture because it's salacious! It's merely the best picture of Litvinova I could find! Of course, Litvinova often plays with (and against) her physical attractiveness in many of her roles.


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